I'm Jenna.

I am almost a Gemini. I was supposed to be born a Gemini, both of my parents are Geminis, but I was born late and whoops...born a Cancer. I am not quite sure I believe in astrology, but it may account for my sensitivity and the duality of my life. I started this site, RoverExposed.com, because I dreamed of rolling in the grass, photographing adorable doggies. I get to do that a fair bit, but I've also found myself roving around with my passport and frequent flier miles, organizing giant wedding parties into group photos, and chasing toddlers in the park. As such I feel the need to feature both ends of the spectrum: the pets at one end, and the people at the other. And the places, I love the places. I love to talk about the places, too. So I'll be doing all that here on the site...starting below with more about me.

Rover Exposed is a dream many years in the making.

New to the Portland area a decade ago, my love affair with photography was heightened thanks to the surrounding scenery, lifestyle, and friends. After winning a dream vacation to South Korea (courtesy of Travel and Leisure Magazine) with my portrait turned meme of my dog, Wallace, I decided to turn RoverExposed into a “lifestyle portrait” business for other furbabies.

I cannot imagine my life without pets, mine or yours, and I look forward to sharing my fuzzy/cute/drooly/snorty/hilarious adventures with you all. I don’t mind dog kisses, dog hair, or rolling in the mud and snow with your pet to catch them doing what they do best – be a happy pet!

Jenna and Wallace the Pug

Van Valen Photography has been evolving for two decades.

A long time ago I ran a photo lab, and the world of photography unfolded before me. But I was left feeling a bit burned out from ten years of working behind the lens. After a profound personal loss I moved to the Pacific Northwest to start over; it was the scariest, hardest, most important thing I've ever done. I started over in every aspect of my life - and relearned photography from the ground up.

I have since photographed weddings all over the country, and even in Mexico. I've fallen in love with babies, and families, and as much as I want to "focus" on pets, I can't seem to let go of people and the personal connection we share when I make a portrait of them.


Here's a little more about me. I'm a step mom to a gorgeous young woman who lives in New Jersey. I didn't contribute a lick to her good looks, but I did help shape her taste in music and sense of humor. She lives entirely too far away. I'm a wife to the funniest and smartest man I've ever met, and he's really tall and hard to miss in a crowd. He works hard as an attorney - which isn't as awful as it sounds, and I love and respect the challenging work he does for the public good. He is also a wonderful wedding officiant, when the need arises. We love to travel, which can be difficult given our home is full of rescue pets, and our yard is full of exotic chickens and ducks. We love to travel off the beaten path - we aren't "cruise" people or "resort" people. We're more of "pick a place on google earth and find a way there" people. It has led us to some amazing spots, and memories we'll cherish always. We spend most of the year bowling together (my top series was a 626: 201, 212, 213), and watching movies on our couch under a whole pile of adorable senior dogs and special needs cats we have rescued together. We spend our summers swimming in the chilly Columbia River, where some of our closest friends own a houseboat. We are currently looking to buy a farm, and our long-term plan includes moving to the southern tip of the Yucatan, in Mexico, a place near and dear to our hearts.