Meet Miss Maisey!


I swore, as long as we were in our little apartment, NO. NEW. KITTIES. And, just like Bush lied about no new taxes, so I lied about the cats.

I don't know what got in to me, but I stumbled across this cat on craigslist, at a rescue in Hood River. I sort of fell in love with her, but dismissed it. Two nights later, she was still listed. I showed my other half her photo. I emailed the rescue about her. They emailed me right back, and attached a video of her. I was SMITTEN. I applied. I was approved. The landlord said ok. So...

I happened to be going to Hood River for a getaway, and there she was...and she charmed me immediately and came home.

This cat is a CHAMPION FLOPPER! She's a sturdy tank of a cat - over 12 pounds - with stubby little legs, giant bulls-eye swirls on her side, half a tail, and only 19 toes (she lost one along the way, but who's counting?). She's the perfect short hair cat - mostly tabby, with tortie and calico leanings (I love tricolor kitties!). And oh, the smile and the pink nose!!!

She lived under an RV near a state park for about 8 weeks before a cat rescue caught her, and spent another two months in foster care. In a nod to our life with Dolly, she's blind in one eye. In a nod to all animals broken and in need, the poor thing had chewed off all her whiskers from anxiety.

Despite her rough start, she's just a little love-bug! She is as fluffy and soft as a bunny and doesn't really shed. She plays beautifully, with no claws, even when she's doing a bunny kick. You say her name and she throws herself to the floor for belly rubs! She is already in love with her cardboard scratching box and catnip, she is using the litter box without issue (it's a top-loader as she is awfully aggressive with her burying habits; she is quite brilliant and I am going to attempt full on toilet training with her), and she sleeps on the bed next to me when she isn't tearing around the house at 40mph, crashing through the blinds, and knocking over laundry baskets. It's like having a goofy, 12 pound, graceless, kitten! She is a great hunter, too, and is sure to attack anything you're trying to put on, like socks or pants, and is quite skilled at attacking your feet under blankets!

She'd been ok with dogs while living in the state park, and so far she's been great with our dogs. They take turns chasing each other down the hallway, and sometimes we catch them rubbing affectionately on each other, though, admittedly, the dogs still aren't 100% sure what she is or why she's in the house.

She's only been home with us since the end of February, but has already developed such a wonderful personality and confidence. According to the foster mom, she didn't meow - but now she's a chatty-cathy who mews, yips, chatters, and demands attention and play time. I'm totally in love with her - it's wonderful having a young, happy, playful, healthy, sweet kitty in the house! It's been a very long time.

Now, to toilet train her, and to take some real portraits of her so you all can see her gorgeous markings and silly little tail!

Maisey smiles!

Maisey has flopped...

Champion Flopper video here!