Promises Kept

As my step daughter and her friends graduated from college the last couple of years and started their adult lives, I reminded The Girls, the girls she grew up with, that when the time came I would photograph their weddings. After watching these girls go from shrieking kindergartners at a sleepover, to tweens whispering jokes at the kitchen table, to young adults sharing the jokes with you over a glass of beer, I thought it would be wonderful to spend their Big Days with them.

The first young woman of the bunch held me to my word, and I found myself in New Hampshire this summer. The wedding was at her childhood home, a very elegant farmhouse (yes, that's a real thing) on an old horse property. Barns, fences, open spaces, and beautiful afternoon light. I cannot count the times I drove up and down that long driveway to pick her up or drop her off. For years I even lived on the mountain above the house, and used to drive by daily. The farm was going to be listed on the market soon after the wedding, so it was bittersweet, knowing that I'd likely never visit that warm home again.

There was a large wedding party, Brazilian specialties for dinner, hilarious dancing, and lots of hugs and laughter. In a small world/small town twist, one of my friends from high school, the gorgeous Carissa, did the hair and make up for the girls. What a day - a little like a homecoming! Congratulations again, Autumn and Thiago!