Engaged! Sarah and Brian

When I met my (now) husband, I didn't just get a partner - I gained all his friends as my own. It's been pretty magical, especially as I have made some girlfriends for life in the deal.

We have quite the tight-knit group of couples, we go out for celebrations, the boys have their occasional nights out without the ladies in tow, and all the women love weekend getaways to relax. Every Valentine's Day we ironically dress up in a theme and all attend Monster Jam - the monster truck show.

I couldn't possibly pick a favorite couple, but one of the first girlfriends I truly made was in the gorgeous, sweet Sarah. Incredibly lovely, she's an actual scientist, has a wicked sense of humor, and despite her dedication in the gym she'll eat cheese like it's her job. Being around her makes you feel beautiful by association, and the laughter is non-stop.

She was with her (now) husband Brian when we met, and the two became fast friends of mine. Though they'd been "engaged" for some time, they decided to postpone the wedding until Sarah's time in school was complete. Once the graduation party was over, the wedding planning began in earnest, and I agreed to be their photographer. I would get to shoot a couple I love, and spend the whole day with one of my best friends, without having to wear a bridesmaid dress. (Winning!)

Brian, like many grooms, declared himself uncomfortable in front of a camera. I took Sarah and Brian out for "engagement" photos in early summer, to give him the chance to warm up to being a subject. Although we have a personal trust and rapport, he'd never sat for me, and I understand the importance of allowing someone to be comfortable, and to see photos of themselves that they love. It was a great chance for them to experience how I work, and then to see how wonderful they look together.

I am pleased to say that they were both thrilled with their portraits - and come the Big Day, Brian was a champ and a happy groom, even with my camera on him all day long.

My next blog post will be their wedding photos, but for now I leave you with Sarah and Brian, during magic hour at a lovely park here in the Pacific Northwest.