Snowy Zoey!

I went to Mt. Hood this weekend and got to photograph one of my favorite hilarious hounds - a big silly love bug named Zoey. I call her Zozo the Bozo - because she's so zany. She usually makes us all laugh with her antics, but when she stops the Zoey Zoomies she's a pretty pretty lady!

I am forever sad I didn't know Miss Zoey Bean as a puppy - because when she was found at the Humane Society, it was as if all the cuteness in the universe lived inside that tiny puppy. Her baby photos make me positively SWOON with puppy-lust!

She went from this teeny tiny adorable angel, to a giant, silly, Scooby Doo come to life! She's a mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback and likely Rottweiler, the size of a small Volkswagen, and with a heart even bigger, a real sense of adventure, and an even greater love of giving kisses.

Without further gushing, I leave you with Zoey and the gorgeous snow we had all afternoon up on the mountain. What a great day!