AdoramaPix FTW!

I finally got around to making a book of our adventures in Mexico! The best part is that it is the same size and theme as my South Korea photo book; eventually they'll become part of a set of travel books!

I love the photo books from AdoramaPix - they are lay flat, which means no nasty loss of details in the spine of the book. And they're not cheaply made - they're not images printed on top of photo paper, like your at-home color printer (and many of the discount photo books out there!). It's actual photo paper, exposed to light, so the image is embedded and part of the book. Like the days when you used to take your film to the lab and have it printed. (I'm so old!)

A layout from my South Korea book.

A layout from my South Korea book.

My Korea travel book was more of a scrapbook, and I glued in things like tickets for places we had visited, and room keys. I wanted this one to be a mix of scrapbook and featured photos, as I have some images from Mexico I really love. I chose the glossy finish this time so the vibrant colors would pop and the details would be incredibly sharp and defined. I can't wait to receive it!

If you haven't tried AdoramaPix yet - I cannot say enough about them! Every print size and paper type you can imagine, metal prints, canvas prints - and of course the awesome books. (And they regularly have sales! I got my book for 25% off!)

You can flip through my book right here. Just click the lower corner of the page to turn!