A Serious Case of Puppy Lust

It all started with a walk to the food carts, which is basically a daily occurrence. I cross the North Park Blocks daily - and see a whole slew of doggies - and my heart goes pitter-patter for smushy faced dogs, anything that can fit under an airline seat, and for dogs so terrifyingly large you wonder about the physics of walking them. I've gotten to know all sorts of dogs in the neighborhood - Dot, the teeny Pomeranian whose fur is kept trimmed short and as a result she looks like a stuffed animal. There's Rocko, the handsome Pug. There's Duke, the biggest Bloodhound in the Northwest (I bet, but this is an unconfirmed rumor I'm starting about him). There are two little Chihuahua/Pug crosses. There's Apache, the darling black Chihuahua type doggie. And one of these days I'm going to photograph the Pomeranian/Pug cross that has to be seen to be believed. There are some gorgeous Australian Shepherds in the neighborhood. And a handful of happy mutts who know I keep treats in my right pocket at all times. So, going for lunch is always a fun little jaunt, full of doggies. And yesterday...yesterday it happened. Walking back from lunch I spotted it. A tiny ball of fluff. Looked a little like a pillow had burst in the park. It was no bigger than a make up applicator, and I had a very strong desire to dash over, snatch up in my hands, and rub its little furry face all over mine in excitement. I have a pretty serious case of puppy lust. I'm pretty sure it's the most severe case in the PNW. I have fantasies of laying on a soft floor being covered with hundreds of puppies, all squirming, all with their awesome puppy breath, round little bellies, and their little feet that smell of Fritos.

Instead, I went home, and had a good cuddle/roll/playtime with my own little doggies. Someday there will be room in our home and lives for one or two more, I certainly have room in my heart to love a herd, but for now I'll just be grateful for the doggies I already live with. And I'll try really hard to remember all the things that WEREN'T fun about having puppies in the house. (Someday I'll tell you all the story of Gromit and the night he ate a tube of diaper ointment...)

So, with my puppy fix yesterday, and lots of dog kisses at home, I leave you with some of my favorite snapshots of my monsters when they were babies. And I do mean snapshots! Nothing formal today...just silly cute puppies!


Gromit totally knows how to nap. He's a Pug Boston Terrier cross, we call him the Bugg. Or Perrier, depending on the day. He was barely 5 pounds when he came home at 8 weeks and the runt of the litter. He has always considered my bed the finest in the house.

Gromit taking a puppy nap at 8 weeks.


This photo cracks me up. I came out and found him sitting on my walkway like this. I have always called this his "village idiot" pose.

Gromit plays the "village idiot"


Wallace the Pug at 10 weeks - he was SO CUTE! Just look at that round belly and big feet!

Wallace the Pug at 10 weeks


Wallace went through a phase where I wondered if he were going to be a very, very ugly dog. It didn't last long, but for a short while he was distinctly alien.

Wallace the Pug at 14 weeks


This photo has always, ALWAYS made me laugh hysterically! Walligator (Wallaby Jones, Wall-eye, Wally Man) LOVES his big brother and was giving chase to Gromit (Grommie Salami, Gromit Ertegün, The Groms).

Wallace (10 weeks) chasing Gromit (10 months)