Snorty Adventures with Miles

For the sake of full disclosure: I have a soft spot for snorty, flat-faced, snuffly, grunty little dogs who snore while awake. I have had the pleasure of knowing Miles since he was a baby - having a little warm Miles snoring on my lap was total bliss, and gave me a serious case of puppy lust. Miles is now two years old, and a Canine Good Citizen, which is no easy feat! His typical state is laying around with just the little tip of his tongue sticking out of his mouth - and the desire to give a little tug on that tongue has been overwhelming a few times much to his dismay.

Miles recently came to visit me in the studio - and we spent most of the sitting with me on the floor covered in Miles kisses. He, like some dogs, figured it would be waaaaaaay more fun to play with me than sit just out of my reach! (I love dog kisses) He also had a habit of finally sitting for his mom...and totally facing the wrong way. You'd swear he was doing it willfully, only this whole "sitting for a photo" thing is pretty new to most doggies, and it's pretty much how it goes. Just like working with a small kiddo, or a flower blowing in the wind, or waiting for a great sunset, sometimes the universe has other plans for you and you have to change tactics mid-stream. Miles gave me LOTS of smiles and kisses, and plenty of brief moments of perfect, doggie, cuteness.

The point is, Miles is a brilliant, well behaved, ADORABLE doggie, and despite his unfamiliarity with the studio, the situation, and what we were asking of him, we had a really great time and got some really fun photos of the little man. Do not worry about how your companion might or might not behave - I'll work around it - and have plenty of laughs while doing it. Dog kisses pretty much make everything better.

I now present to you, the handsome little Miles!