Welcome to Rover Exposed!

Thanks for coming by and visiting Rover Exposed. I hope from poking around the site, viewing my galleries, reading a little bit about me, you get an idea of who I am and what I love! I'm quite simply a woman loves dog kisses, loves to travel, and while not featured heavily here on the site, the food and lifestyle of Portland make me swoon! I can't wait to bring you new "tails" of time in the studio and photo adventures, right here, every week, on the blog (which rhymes with dog).

I cannot express enough thanks to my friends and family for their encouragement and nerd-support as I decided to embark on this venture, and as I occasionally banged my head on the keyboard trying to get the site ready.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Wallace, the kitsch-loving Pug
Wallace, the kitsch-loving Pug